Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three Fools & Presents

For past 2 weeks, my friends "G and "K" have been asking me if there is any news of "P". They have asked me to contact "P" but I told them that he doesn't want to reply to my text. I have done what I should do so I asked them not to ask me again. We were a little disappointed with the outcome but we decided that it's not our loss. Our small group will have a small gathering during our "members'" birthdays. As grown adults, we usually do not celebrate birthdays but we just want to bond better within our group. We will have little gifts to show appreciation among one another. The little presents are usually carefully chosen with thoughts. Since these presents are not claimed, I have asked my friends to send me the photos of the presents they prepared as I am curious to know what they are giving this year to "P".
Above gift prepared by G. He told me that P likes Hot Wheels very much as he used to hunt for them the whole island daily. G said that P doesn't have this VW Drag Bus so he will give this to him. I told G that P might be be busy stocking up Tomica ever since the launch of First Color series. He will be busier from June to September monthly stocking up Tomica in huge volume. G says he will either keep or sell this VW bus since P doesn't want to contact us.
Above present prepared by K. I would say K really put in much effort into getting this present for P. I was surprised to know that this gift was bought last year before Christmas. He asked a friend who went to U.K. last December to buy it on his behalf. K said that he will keep this for next year since P do not reply possibly busy with work. I asked K if he really think that there is a "next year"? I told him that he earned it and should keep it for himself but he insisted to keep it till 2013 or until the present is claimed. I respect his decision on that.
As for myself, I know that P likes vintage stuff but it is hard to come by in Singapore. If you happen to find something vintage here, the condition is either beaten up or not complete. It's almost impossible to find vintage stuff in very good or excellent condition. I bought this from a collector overseas and ship it to Singapore. As my previous gifts are bought from Japan and Germany during my business trips but they are current issues Diapet and Siku. P told me he dump them in his 30 years time capsule room which he doesn't know where they are now as they are already hidden among the cartons of new Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Tomica bought within a span of 4 years ever since the collecting bug bite him in 2008. That is why I bought something vintage for him this time. This item is issued in 1976 to be exact and I believe it is should be useful for him. It is a toy and also a collector's item. This item is not really rare but you can't find this in Singapore. If you happen to find one here, the condition will not be as good as this piece. I did not wrap it with a nice wrapper as I like him to feel the joy of opening up a parcel from overseas. With these single sided efforts put in by us, it's a shame that no response from the owner. That is why I say that it's not our loss. Not referring to the presents. Think again. I urge you guys to treasure friendship for people who care for you and not take them for granted.

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