Saturday, April 14, 2012

MC Magazine

My friend, Wai Heng, went to Japan for the first time last month and was back from his vacation last week. I asked if he could help me to get a copy of Model Cars or Quanto if he sees one. Here it is, issue 190, which I had miss for 2 years since I last bought one when I was in Tokyo.

Features II Ado, one of my favourite Minicar shop, in Tokyo. I don't understand Japanese but I guess these are the cars that will be show case in the 81st Wonderland Market. If you want to get a Yonezewa Diapet or a Model Pet, this is the shop you should visit. There are many other vintage toy cars available in II Ado.

MC will also list out new models from different manufacturer.

The same goes for Tomica and informing discontinued models after replacement of newer ones.

For construction fans who are into big machines. There is always something for everyone in the magazine. Although I can't read Japanese but just by looking at the pictures, I am more than contented. I wanted to pay my friend for this magazine as it is not a cheap toy magazine. He insisted that it is a gift and accepted his kind gesture. Thank you Wai Heng, I really enjoyed it fully.

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