Monday, January 30, 2012

Tomica Mercedes Unimog - Old vs New

I am glad that Tomica recently focus on "foreign" series. Foreign series or also known as F-Series was packaged in blue box with a national flag of the vehicle origin. One of my childhood favorite is the Mercedes Unimog. I used to own the Tomica yellow Unimog and I always like to remove its hub caps and put to back after removal. Although it doesn't have the trademark suspension but I like the truck a lot then mainly because of its unusual styling and the removable hub caps.

Tomica has recently released the latest Unimog in December 2011 and I finally got my hands on them. I haven't seen the new Unimog in real life but based on the scale of the new truck, it is scaled 1/88 versus the old 1/70. Has the new Unimog has grown in size? I think Tomica could have made them bigger at 1/76 even the new truck has put on some weight over the years.

The new truck looked somehow more sportier than the old classic look. Obvious change is the bigger windscreen and a small bonnet. We can see the old Unimog still serving our SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) and I wonder if SAF will purchase the new one.

Parking the new one alongside with the old one, it seems like the new truck is slightly smaller although it should be bigger in 1:1 scale. It seems like Tomica has shrink their cars way smaller than the older generation especially the Vietnamese made ones. The overall presentation of the new Tomica is still good as compared to previous releases of 2011 only if they could make it slightly bigger.

The new truck has a movable feature while the old one has none, unless you want to include the movable spare tyre under the deck.

I still prefer the classic Unimog if you asked me.


  1. Great photos, do you do all your own photography?

    The Unimog is one of my favorite models--maybe some day we'll get one in Korea!!

    Mark L.

  2. hello sir!! right only after 2 mins of seeing ur site i hav bookmarked it.....please sir, i am an aspiring die cast model collector, can u please let me know where can i purchase tomica models....i m from hyd, India....thanking u in advance.....

  3. I don't think there is any Tomica in India but you can try eBay or some private sellers in facebook or forums.