Monday, April 18, 2011

Toy Car Hunting in Greece

I am lucky and happy to have stay just beside the Acropolis in Athens. I always have love the Acropolis although I have been to Greece twice and I don't mind seeing it for the thrid time. The flea market was 20 minutes away from me. It's kind of far and you have to go up hill and down slope. I got some videos to share with you. Not very well taken as I was just holding it when I do my hunting. Yes, I walk that fast as I scan all items in split second but I will stop for something which interests me.

Athens Flea Market in Monastiraki

The shops sell fashion and also souvenirs.

Found the flea market after walking for a couple of minutes.

The same item can be a junk or treasure to different individuals.

There are actually many antique shops in Monastiraki. They are usually found in small lane off the busier streets so do not miss out the back street.

Close up on the same shop. This is where I found my Polistil. There are many treasures inside but it's a little cramp in the shop.

Some antique shops are underground.

It's worth a try to go down into the shop. There are also quite a number of toys in the shop but I found nothing I wanted. This shop had a few Japanese tin toys and a number of toy cars. There are many other shops which I didn't photographed or maybe I did miss out some.

My Scores in Greece:

I bought some Polfi of the 70s, ranging from poor to good condition. Bought one lot of 1980s Sikus. They are all in mint condition. 4 Mira and 1 Guisval consist of 3 Seats and 2 Mercedes-Benz. Matchbox Superfast Ford Capri & Polistil RJ Citroen CX. Been looking for this Citroen for quite some time. I got hold of it finally! Zylmex Datsun Wagon and Ford Capri. Never seen Zylmex in box before, I thought they are usually blister packed. This Russian Police Van is made in U.S.S.R.
Looks like it has missing rear mirror.
Been wanting to have a Russian toy car but I preferred something 1/60 made by U.S.S.R. After continuous hits of Treasure Hunts in India and Germany, I hit it again in Greece and Cyprus. 5 T-Hunts in Athens and 1 in Cyprus. They are going to end up in my upcoming flea market anyway, I don't collect these. Just a little thrill and time killing at both the airports while waiting for my flights.

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