Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toy Car Hunting in Cyprus

I have just been back to Singapore after 2 weeks in Mediterranean. I am dead beat and have to adjust myself back to Singapore timing due to jet lag. I'll do my posting one at a time so I'll start with something simpler. Welcome to Cyprus!

Larnaca Airport welcomes me on 7th April 2011. Starts my 2nd part of journey as I was in Piraeus on 4th April for 3 days.

Mondo cars which I think are re badged of Cararama, Welly or even Real Toys I guess.

Mondo construction trucks. The shop is not open for business yet and I am lucky they didn't as I found something better in Limassol.

Mattel section in the airport at departure hall. I scored one Hotwheels Treasure Hunt in another shop after checking into the immigration. Yes, I took above photo when departing from Cyprus. A little too fast since first few photos are from arrival hall. Let this post be a warm up post for me. Better stuffs I am posting in the next few days, I promise.


I patronised mini kiosks (provision shop or mama shop which we called it in Singapore) almost everyday for my regular cola and mineral water. I saw that they do sell some toys too but what caught my attention are the Guisval toy cars which is almost impossible (or totally impossible) to get in Singapore. I started to comb my area of all Kiosks which is around my hotel after work on a Friday. One Kiosk was only selling Guisval racing bikes which is not my scope of collect so I know I will have to walk to the shop which I had patronised while losing my way a day earlier. It's around 15 to 20 mins away from my hotel, good exercise for me. I bought quite a number of these Guisval and also got the Guisval Stand from the shop owner. I guessed he is happy that he got rid 40% of his Guisval to me as the toys are covered with one hundred micron thick of dust. In return, I got a free drink from him. I would have buy over all his Guisval (except the bikes and 4 wheelers bikes) if they are priced a little lower. The Matchbox sized trucks are more expensive than a regular Tomica. I am not a big fan of contruction trucks but I want the Guisval Stand to be completed with Guisvals so I swept all of them.

1/43 Guisval Sport Cars. Not something which I am looking for but well, not the everyday stuff you see in Singapore. Wanted the Toyota Corolla Rally car if not for the super ugly casting. Wanted the Mercedes 500SEC if not for the damaged packing. Pick the best looking 3 cars out of the 7 or 8 pieces there. If they do have 3 inches Guisval cars without tampo, I promise I will sweep all of them.

I got all the Matchbox sized Guisval trucks with the Stand. Cool even that I am not a truck fan but I am starting. I do have trucks in my collection. They are growing by the day.

These Long Guisval Trailers reminds me of the 80s Majorette Trucks. Should have gotten 2 more to complete the Guisval Stand but I got to keep to my budget. Maybe next year if I am going again. These are priced par to or slightly more than Long Tomica prices. If you are wondering why I have these Guisval Stands, I asked and persuded the shop keeper to give them to me since I am buying many pieces. Without the Guisval Stands, I might buy just one of each. I think the Guisval holders made my day and my trip in Cyprus a little more exciting and fruitful.

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