Thursday, June 11, 2015

Toy Car Carnival

31st May (Sunday) 2015, team Singapore, the 5 of us marched from our hotel towards the event location. It is only 9:15am in the morning and we joined the queue after 30 people.
 By 9:30am, the queue extended way behind us.

The event hall is quite small and often have to squeeze or push through the crowd. It was so crowded that I took break out of the hall at times.
There are quite a number of Dandy and Diapet from this stall.

I remember buying from this seller some years ago in Yokohama. He had some interesting models on display. I visited his stall last year too. Some cars are from last year Yokohama show because the Mandarin are still not sold yet.

I love buying loose cars too as I do have some empty boxes. I will match the cars according with aid from my Tomica encyclopedia.

They sell Diapet empty box too. I have too many Diapet empty box with no cars at home. Pass.

This event is very unhealthy for our wallet. We bought so many Tomica and other toy cars like no tomorrow.

There is an auction for this event as well. The ending price for many cars are not low.

I have the Herbie but I still want another. The price is very high even before the auction ended. We stayed till the event ended and I went on to meet my Japanese friends for dinner.


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