Friday, November 14, 2014

Hong Kong - Visiting Friends and Toy Car Shopping

Just when I thought I will give Hong Kong a miss in 2014, here I am again. Agenda is a little different this time, to visit friends and in the mean time to check out the toy car scene in Hong Kong. 9th Nov, woke up early morning, took the first flight to Hong Kong.

Upon reaching the hotel, Ken of Ken's Garage was already welcoming me at my regular hotel I put up at. We went lunch and then to 2 toy car shops. First stop, Eastern Toy Shop that sells Tomica and mixed brands of toy cars.

They have Disney Tomica, Japan exclusive, vintage, regular. Pretty similar to the famous Hung Hing in terms of variety and pricing.

They do have brands like Choro Q, Green Light, Kyosho, Hot Wheels, Majorette and many others.

Various mixed of Tomica. What did I buy? I bought a Kyosho Toyota Century and number of Majorette in this shop and their subsidiary shop next door (Eastern Kids if I remember correct). Surprised that I buy no Tomica here.

I have not taken a double decker bus for 14 years at least so it's kind of interesting for me when Ken took me to take a bus to his shop.

After a full 40 minutes bus ride, here we are at Ken's Garage where I can dig some treasures.

He had sold most of his stuff but I still managed to get some items here and there.

Total bought around 20 cars only this time. Not many compared to my previous visit because I got to save up for my Japan trip next month. Although Ken's Garage is out of the way, it's still worth a visit because Ken will give a reasonable pricing for his Tomica. Ok lah, try using my blog name for last resort. Hope everyone who is following my blog can give Ken some support. Thanks all on Ken's behalf.

Hung Hing expanded!!! Left shop selling mixture of toy cars and toys of all genre. Heard that they might have a third shop soon which sells Lego!

I won't elaborate much on them since they are more than famous now. I bought less than 10 cars although I visited them 4 times in 3 days.  
Day 2, meeting more friends. This is Ian from Canada visiting Hong Kong. We share our collecting experiences and it's great meeting people who you been talking to on FB. I think I need to do more jogging upon returning to Singapore. Seriously hate to take photo. Ha ha.

After meeting Ian, went back to hotel to meet another friend, Leon.

We do a short visit to Tai Yuan street. Then he brought me to shops I have not been to. This is a tiny shop that sells basically anything.

Most of the stuff are toy related. The shop owner do have some MIB Tomica as well but he doesn't have the cars that will make me reach for my wallet. Move on.

This is new to me. Bus Warehouse. The uncle is quite friendly and allows me to take photos of his entire shop although I bought only 2 Tomica there. They have a huge range of Tomica of any series.

The shop is tiny but space is maximized. See what I meant.

Rushing to Toy Zone moments before they close for the day.

Found nothing much except buying 2 vintage Tomica Mercedes.

Head to Aeon nearby to see what they have to offer.

Regular Tomica are more expensive than Singapore so got to make a pass on these. Bought the discontinued TL since I don't see them in Singapore anymore.

This shop sells model cars from 1/43 to 1/18 scale. They are closed when I reach so next time maybe. I didn't buy too many Tomica this trip as my main purpose is to meet friends, clear my 2013 annual leave and to take a break. I should be back again next year I guess.


  1. How much did the diecasts cost? My aim is to go ti Hung Hing and Eastern but the other toy store seems interesting as well. Btw are there any cheap ones at Toyzone as i might visit there as well.

  2. Where's bus warehouse? Thanks.