Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hong Kong 2013 - 7 Days 6 Nights

7 Days 6 nights sounds a little long in Hong Kong but that wasn't the longest record for business trip in Hong Kong. On the first day upon reaching my hotel in Wanchai, Ken of Ken's Garage picked me up from hotel to his "office". His shop is near the Transformer's film scene but I didn't have the chance to see that as it took place days after my visit. Ken's Garage is located in the building as shown in above photo.

Some of the cars available for sale. I wanted that Civic but I couldn't afford it. Hehe....

I met Ken's brother in his shop but I didn't know that until Ken walked me to take a taxi by the road side after my Tomica shopping in his shop. I thought that he is a seller renting a "pigeon hole" as shown above because he was displaying some stock on the shelf on the bottom left (the one with opening glass door). He was squatting in front of me arranging his Tomica when I took photo of the display in the shop. He has almost all the Tomica variants and I totally miss my chance to pay my respect to the Tomica god. I bought all his loose Tomica Camry and Lancer Evo as I ask him which series the cars were from since they are of a different colour variant. I still thought that he is a seller renting a shelf after I bought the cars from him.

Here is Ken in the photo as I secretly snapped a photo of him while he was talking to a friend in his shop. They were customizing Tomica in his little workshop at the inner end of the shop.

This is the first time I went to Aeon. I didn't know that it's so near to Toyzone. They have a Tomica corner which resembles a Tomica shop. The range is quite complete and much better than the range in Sogo.

I heard from Ken that the Tomica display was updated recently. Finally got to see this display which was always uploaded by some collectors in my group.

I also get the chance to meet Harold of Hong Kong (or Canada). We got a great time together and we visited all the toy shops in Tai Yuen Street together.

I didn't buy many cars in Hung Hing this time because I couldn't find any cars that I am willing to empty my wallet for. The price of Tomica in Hung Hing is also higher than before so I am buying with more caution now.

Although I did mentioned 7 days in Hong Kong but you wouldn't want to see how I work for the 5 days there. So it's good bye Hong Kong and hello Japan in a month's time.

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  1. Could you give me the price for each shop as i'm going to purchase them.