Sunday, July 28, 2013

Go! Go! Tomica Local Meet Up 27th July 2013

27th July 2013, Saturday, Lazy afternoon in Han's Café near China Square Central.

We have a small collecting scene for Tomica here so it's consider a "niche" market in Singapore. 4 turn up while we waited for more to come. From left to right, Keong, Yinseng and Michael Chew.
Special custom Tomica Civic Type R by Weijie. I would say this is a very Singaporean Tomica to represent Singaporean drivers. This is the type of "mods" Singapore drivers would do to their cars. Blacken roof to signify a fake glass roof, carbon fibre hood to lose some weight and show some sportiness spirit of JDM. Nice work, I don't even know how to custom. Make more please.

After our gathering, we decide to go to the antique shop near by to do some shopping. Toy cars is not their forte but they do have a collection of vintage toy cars.

I bought a loose mint Tomica here to complete my gathering. Any more local boys who are into Tomica? We need you to come forward. I will only inform you of any good deals (such as Ken's Garage on 1st meeting) for people who make effort to meet up.

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  1. Hi, I'm from Jakarta and will come to Singapore on 1st August. I collect many diecast, including Tomica too. But I hardly found toy shops who selling Tomica (non-regular). So can you give me any shop names in Singapore who selling special items for Tomica or maybe Hotwheels & MBX. My e-mail address is ciakuntiong@gmail.com. Tq:)