Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tomica Limited Nissan Skyline GTR Spec V Resurface

I went out with my usual group of friends yesterday since it's a public holiday. We saw one Tomica Limited model resurface onto the Tomica shelves again after being swept clean by scalpers when it was initially launched. Each of us grab 3 pieces and there are still many pieces left on the shelve. I just wonder why scalpers would do such a silly thing buying Tomica Limited in cartons. First of all, the price of a TL is  higher than a regular Tomica. There is little room for appreciation in terms of value unless TL has a larger pool of worshippers than Tomica Regulars or Hot Wheels (since it is the lowest price, I mean in the United States). I do not favour TL personally unless the car released that month is a car that I really like. Based on my flea market experience, nobody actually asked for a TL. Those who bought the TL are collectors who like the marque of the car rather than wanting it as a Tomica Limited with exception that he is a die hard Tomica fan. Die hard fans will buy all releases even if he doesn't like a certain model and will have ways to deceive and hypnotise themselves that it is a really nice car and it's worth every cents spent. I can get any TL in Japan with lower price than Singapore (even after 20% less when there is a sale). I can hardly seen any sense in buying them in bulk and lock all the money in the store room if you are thinking to cash in for profits after 20 or 30 years. 20 years in the future for TL is a zero guarantee investment unless this series is discontinued. The value of first generation China made Tomica did not appreciate much after 20 years. I choose to free up my cash and save up so that I can visit Japan to buy the cars that I really like. Can you ensure all cars will be able to cash in with good profits after 20 years taking inflation into consideration. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow and worse if you are already taking medication.

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