Friday, February 3, 2012

Top Gear Stig Power Series

I bought some Top Gear super cars today. In fact, I bought 2 sets of these Top Gear Stig Power series. I will be keeping a set while the other set to sell someone who like to have them. I am attracted by these cars because each car comes complete with "The Stig"!

Just to show you a better view on some of these cars. Above is a Maserati MC12 with Stig.

Here is the Mercedes SL65 AMG with Stig. Pretty cool for a 1/64 car to have race car driver at its wheels.

The other 6 cars are still a mystery as they are not release yet. It will be great to have the GTR, Fiat 500 and the DS3. I will keep a look out once they are out in stores.

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