Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hauls in Hamburg - Siku

Older Siku. I like the Opel Rekord Wagon. Nice presentation.

Siku look nice even when they are not mint.

I like yellow especially the ADAC Mercedes.

Got these from Wolfgang. A shame that the Ford Transit got a missing ladder.

A gift from Wolfgang of Goodies Old Toys.

Mercedes Unimog, lots of metal at very low price.

This is a great piece as 60s Siku trucks never fail to charm.

Been hoping to get this and finally I found one in the flea market.

My worst condition Siku but still looks good for display.

Cadillac able to steer its wheels, very interesting car so I must get one from Wolfgang.

I like vintage Mercedes so this is one car in my shopping list. Don't mind to get one whole fleet of this as this is really great presentation of the Pullman. After visiting Goodies Old Toys, I might consider changing my blog to Go! Go! Siku. Old Siku are really great toys and definitely a true collectible.

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  1. Did you noticed, that Record Coupe have foldable front seats? A detail you did not see every day in this scale! I like this "metal lights" version much-much better then the other, plastic head- and taillight version. I still have my childhood toy and of course I have bought a mint one as well.