Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schuco vs Siku on Transporters

I have a weakness for car transporters especially these sets here which contains a MAN and a Scania each. These transporters are the ones which I had admired on the German autobahn. The scale should be 1/72 based on the size of the plastic cars in the set. I just felt that the transporters could fit bigger cars as the plastic cars looked a little small although their wheels fit onto the grooves of the ramp perfectly. Since we wanted uniform scale comparison and the theme is German autobahn, I decided to have some fun with 1/66 Schuco and 1/55 Siku.

Loaded the Schuco cars up the MAN truck as I pick my Schuco cars randomly. Coincidentally, all cars picked are German cars consist of Opel, VW, Mercedes and Audi.

The transporter could hold 7 cars and looked decent enough. The downside is that the wheels of the Schuco doesn't fit well onto those grooves and need some adjustment before the photo shoot. They are actually narrower than the pair of plastic cars. It's strange that the smaller plastic VW and Porsche fit so well. It could be they are customized to fit nicely so that they can be sold as a set.

These 1/66 cars looked perfect match with my MAN truck but time consuming placing the cars onto it to prevent slipping.

Next, I loaded the Siku cars onto the Scania. The cars looked really huge and I have a mixtures of different marques.

The wheels of these 1/55 Sikus could fit the ramp nicely since they are wider than Schuco. I spend more time on this lot as compared to the Schuco gang. The cars are simply too large that I have to place my loose lot of Siku onto the transporter by trial and error. The truck could hold 6 cars but for Siku, I would say 5 cars if the cars like to enjoy business class privacy. Anyway, I "force fed" 6 cars into it. I was terribly challenged by the lower deck because I don't have many smaller Siku.

Siku look totally out of place for a 1/72 transporter. It's okay, I still have my 1:55 Siku MAN transporter to play with.

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