Friday, March 11, 2011

Toy Car Shopping Hamburg March 2011

Being a little too lazy to explore Hamburg , I patronize Karstadt which I know there are toy cars good enough to quench my thirst. Siku prices starts from Euro 2.29 but these are really basic cars which start with serial number 08**. The larger the number, the higher the price. Cars started with 14** will be Euro 3.99.

My main KPI for the day is to find at least 3 VW Scirocco but there are NONE!!!

These are the "Dandy" or "Special Variation Set" of Siku. Some of them are still German made.

Not into HO scale but these are quite nice Busch cars but expensive. They do sell Viking behind this shelve too but higher price than Busch.

Bought some Hot Wheels since they are slightly cheaper than the price in Singapore.

Some Sikus also. Not what I really want but since they are almost scarce in Singapore, buy some as gift for friends.

Matchbox, the cashier must be wondering why I bought same models in multiples.

One Darda because it is not cheap. Euro 9.99 per car.

I buy this big Siku because I always like car transporter. 3 days after I bought it, I realised that it is made in Germany when I was studying the box in my hotel. I was so glad.

In case you are wondering, it's a MAN.

Siku cars waiting to load onto the transporter.

VW T2 Bus and Prado loading. The T2 was bought in Germany as well. I asked the German seller to send to my hotel by mail. Got another Majorette from another German seller in same way too.

Finally, all cars up and ready to roll. These transporters are common in autobahn which I can't help keeping my focus on them when we drive past them.


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