Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shopping with Pooh - Sungei Road

Someone will think that I am crazy to feature Sungei Road Flea Market as a hunting ground because it look more of a rubbish dump than a flea market (to me). Moreover, I think Sungei Road is 2 degree C higher than the rest of Singapore anytime. Poof, I always melt under the sun, not to mention the old folks there. We have Pooh today showing me the way to Sungei Road flea market. I been there a few times but having a guru with me will be easier.

On the mark, get set.... POOH

According to Pooh, you can find treasures in the dump.

You will need to scrutinise every corner in order to find an old vintage Tomica or Matchbox. I found none that day except for some 80s or 90s pull back cars made in Hong Kong or China.

In the end, we found Pooh. He sitting there all alone in one of the stalls.
I know I do have many followers from different countries. Do visit Sungei Road if you don't mind the heat when you are in Singapore.

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