Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tomica - Subaru Legacy

I know it's been a long time that I have not update my blog. Pardon me as I am quite busy (& lazy) recently. You might be wondering why I am comparing Tomica with another Tomica and it's the same car within Tomica range, a Subaru Legacy. Did you notice that the box of these 2 cars are different? Well, it's because the Legacy is one of the cars requested by car maker to Tomica to make it as a "promo" (I guess). Besides Legacy, Mitsubishi also did the same request with the 2 door Pajero and the Lancer EVO IV. Tomica thought they are really nice so they make into a regular release into masses for the market. The same goes to this Legacy too. It seems like Tomica are more engaged with Nissan recently. Cars like Nissan Tiida and Note (turned regular) can only be available in their website and it's snapped up within a very short time. The Nissan Atlas is another vehicle that never see the lights of mass production except one variation for the lotto set last year. What's the difference between the promo car and the regular release car? Read on.

Tomica Subaru Legacy Wagon Promo Car

Tomica Subaru Legacy Wagon First Colour Edition

Head Lights:

The regular car is using mirror finished plastic piece while the promo is using a clear plastic head lights which is a nicer touch. I never fancy mirror finished head lights ever since Tomica started using them on large scale in late 80s or early 90s.I always thought that they look ugly.

Air Scoop:

Both Legacy shares the same scoop but the regular Legacy add some "nice" touch by painting the scoopy "inlet" black. It's nice from far. I hope you know what I mean.


The regular Legacy add its name onto the rear. The promo does without it. New Tomica collectors will welcome this additional touch, not me. I prefer all details & lines of the car to be crafted into the die cast instead.

Roof Rack:

Regular Legacy painted its roof rack black. Unnecessary in my opinion.

Just wondering why there is no "Subaru" but just Leagacy" on its base. Note that the promo car is Japan made while the regular release is Chinese made. "No. 11" is more of an after thought when made into a regular release.


The Legacy made it into the top 10 list of "Go! Go! Tomica" edition of Top 10 Best Tomica of the decade. It was ranked no.10, let down by questionable quality or its position will be higher. The paint applied on the regular car is too thick and current Tomica tends to add many details by decals or paint over. Again, this is quite subjective but most times, newer Tomica collectors will appreciate the additional as compared to collectors who played with Tomica when they are young (in the 70s to 80s). Promo car wins it hands down.


  1. I have to say Im one of those collectors that love painted details. And I'm a fan of chrome headlamps on Tomica too. I was wainting for someone to make this comparison, thank you. The only reason the silver Legacy wins for me is the fact it is Made in Japan!

  2. Hi Viva Chile, thank you for your valuable comments. I am thinking to make more comparison soon based on same car but non-for-sale item vs regular. Do you know that most Japan made Tomica do not encourage painted details because most of the details are already on the cast.

  3. Sure. I still like painted details. I'd rather have the best of both worlds: painted cast detailes, as in old Tomica castings reissued as Limiteds.

  4. Actually I hated the Tomica Limited because my childhood days been playing the button wheels tomica