Friday, June 11, 2010

Minicars Bought In Tokyo 2010

Just managed to open my toys to play after coming back to Singapore after a week. I will only feature those I like or think is interesting to me. If I were to feature all, I think it will be a very long post.


Car is covered with mud when I bought it

Engine inspection before the next race


After I bought it and brought home, I realised that there is some "special features" on this toy.

Diapet Cherica Nissan Fairlady 240ZG

Cherica is something which I always wanted but they are so rare that it is hard to come by even in ebay.

Diapet Cherica Toyota Corona MK II GSS

Tomica Toyota MK II

Bought many vintage Tomica of the Domestic and Foreign Series but just gonna feature my favourite pieces from the lot.

Cherica MK II vs Tomica MK II

Tomica JAL Cedric Wagon Lump Car

First item I bought in Japan. Like it very much so I tell myself have to buy it no matter what.

Tomica Honda Civic Country

I had one when I was a kid but not this variation. Mine was the white woody Civic Country. I actually saw the variation I used to had in the event but I like this one better.

Tomica Datsun Pickup

This model might be one of my first Tomica as I remember I used to play with one when I was very young. I am very connected to this pickup because I remember this car much better than the Tomica Skyline 2000GTR Racing I had at the same time. I always think that this is a special car then because I don't understand why it look so much like a pickup. This is also a special gift from Ken after he knows that I am looking for this pickup as it is a precious memory from my childhood. Thanks a lot, Ken.

Tomica Dandy Volkswagen Beetle

Beetle with a Rolls Royce Grill

Tomica DASH
It should be a Toyota Celica 1600GT. The car is dead mint and seems like nobody plays with it for the past 30 years. I believe you have heard of "pull back" toy car but this Tomica is "pull front" and it will really dash after you release it.


I believe this mint be a dead stock. The box is almost flawless, the car is very mint and the battery from the early 70s is still intact. When I ask the shop owner if this car still works, he told me that he doesn't know as he never try it (but I expect that it doesn't work). Try it back in hotel after Aaron and I bought a pack of battery from 100yen shop. Aaron bought one too but is a Nissan Skyline Wagon JAF car. His Skyline works but I am still thinking that he is being lucky. When I insert the battery in my Toyota, I couldn't believe that mine work too. We are happy to have made this purchase because Sakura Japanese cars are hard to come by especially in this condition. Most of the Sakura are in the form of Porsche, Maserati or Ferrari etc hardly any Japanese cars like Toyota.

I know the bulb is ugly but it is still a charming toy

Took my Tomica Toyota Crown Taxi to have photo taken with Sakura Crown Taxi. The Tomica is not from this trip, it's pluck from my collection.


In fact, I bought 3 units of same car. Model Pet are from the early 60s and I couldn't believe that they are so mint till I ask shop owner if they are re-issue. Aaron told me that it should not be re-issue as the company wind up more than 40 years ago and he never heard of re-issue for Model Pet. The shop owner said that these are discovered from warehouse and that is why they look like new but no box to complete it. Since they are so rare, I bought 3 units. Do check the price of Modelpet in ebay. Modelpet should be the cheapest among Cherryca Phoenix and Micropet that is why I can afford to buy 3 units.

Saw the ATC stamping?

Schuco 1/43 Volkswagen Gold MK I
This Golf is covered with mud like the Diapet too

Schuco 1/66 Mercedes 250
This is the most wanted model from Schuco range and found it in Japan. I miss it twice in ebay as PC hang on the very last minute. Bought quite a number of Schuco cars in Japan.

Schuco 1/66 Opel Commodore GS
Bought this because I bought a imitation Schuco in Hong Kong made by Winner.

Playart Lamborghini Miura in Japan Box


  1. Wow! I love that Dandy Beetle, Schuco Golf and Lambo playart!
    Nice collection!

  2. Hi thanks. I will continue to update my blog with more items soon.

  3. Beautiful rare and very expensive items! Those are nice cars! Good choices.

    Let us see more!

  4. Nice selection! I really enjoy seeing the DIAPET TOYOTA CORONA MK II RALLY and the SAKURA TOYOTA CROWN TAXI - VERY NICE!

  5. Hi toyotageek, thank you. There is also a yellow Corona mk II rally with mud, should have bought that too. Was surprised that the Sakura Crown work after so many years.

  6. hi, nice post about TOMICA & HOTWHEELS comparison

  7. Love this blog, keep up the great work wish you all the best..

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