Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some of the Items hauled in HK

Diapet Toyota Estima Fire Chief Car

Various Tomica discontinued Construction Vehicles

Sound Tomica Toyota Supra from 1999

L.E. Tomica Honda 1300 Coupe Patrol

L.E. Tomica Mazda Luce Patrol

Tomica One Make Race Collection set of 6 cars

Tomica Toy's Dream Project Set of 6 cars

Tomica Yamazaki Delivery Truck (N/A in Singapore)

Tomica Coca-Cola Route Truck (N/A in Singapore)

Long Tomica Kobelco Crane (N/A in Singapore)


  1. hey thanks.... next trip to HK maybe next year and it is cheaper to buy Tomica in HK compared to Japan. It will be good to go Japan to buy Toy cars if you like Tomica in Tomica Shop or other makes of Japanese toy cars.